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About Us

About Us

We are a civil society organization that contributes to the implementation of policies, strategies and effective and innovative methodologies for optimizing continuous service of justice, public safety and prison system, under a comprehensive, multidisciplinary and technical approach, with respect to the fundamental rights and the protection of the community.

We support state institutions, international organizations, academia and civil society in matters of our specialty, contributing to human, social and regional development.




Contribute to the permanent optimization of justice services, public safety and prisons system, for the benefit of society through technical assistance activities, empirical research, training, and monitoring and evaluation of programs, projects and initiatives at national, regional and local. Promote improvement and innovation based on comprehensive analysis, professional, strategic and multi-disciplinary national and international best practices applicable to the local contexts.





CERJUSC fulfills its mission guided by the following principles:
 • Respect for the democratic political system and institutions that underpin it.
 • Transparency, ethics and respect for the rights of all people regardless of their origin, race, sex, political affiliation, social or economic status, religion or other forms of discrimination.
 • The administration of justice, public safety and control of the prisons, keeping the necessary balance between the exercise of public power and respect for fundamental rights as the foundation of individual and collective human development.
 • The need for a comprehensive and sustained technique for optimizing the quality of judicial services, public safety and corrections, for the benefit of society.
 • The optimization of these areas continues, based on the design, implementation, quantitative and qualitative evaluation, research and feedback from current goals and strategies, proposing innovations that capitalize on local and international best practices.
 • The application of a multidisciplinary approach, the implementation of management tools and strategic use of technology and communications, for the generation of efficient solutions aimed at improving the processes and results.

Proffesional Team

CERJUSC has a professional multidisciplinary team, with recognized expertise national and international, in technical assistance, consultancy, analytical and evaluative research, and training to programs and projects for strengthening of the human rights, justice, public safety and prison system.

In our work, we apply cross-cutting approaches of organizational management and quality indicators (in process, outcomes and impact), and the efficiency and transparency in procedures and operations within the organizations. We know the national reality and methodologies applied successfully in the United States of America, Canada, Chile, Colombia, among others countries. Our professionals have exercised positions of responsibility in the field of public, private and Academic. We are bilingual (Spanish and English).